Why use uplighting?

Uplighting is a great way to further emphasize architectural features at the venue you have selected.


They are low-profile, battery powered, portable, and wirelessly remote controlled.


Any color in the spectrum can be selected and adjusted in intensity and hue.


Color can be changed at any time by remote conrtol.


Set up is easy and because they are wireless, they can be moved throughout the event or placed outside away from a power supply to light trees, signs, or other outdoor features.

Why use OUR uplighting?

It's quick and easy to set up


We do not charge for uplighting.


We will also work with you and your photographer to make sure the tone, accents, color, and intensity is just right.


Working with a specialty light designer can cost up to $50 per light, and oftentimes there's no one present during the event to trouble shoot or make color modifications