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  • Chris

    I have been a DJ since the ripe old age of 13. My first spot in a nightclub was in Downtown Dallas at age 15. By selling custom mixtapes and DJ’ing local parties ranging from birthdays, school dances, & weddings, I found a way to support my love of music! Beginning at age 18, I worked for the largest Mobile DJ Company in Houston. From there, I worked for a smaller, high-end company who specialized in Bar/Bat Mitzvah’s, & Corporate Events. I did various office work, prepped equipment for all events, cataloged music, was a motivational dancer, and DJ. In 1997, I moved to Colorado, and worked as the Lead Sales Manager and Head DJ for a mobile company located in Denver. In my first year, I brought the annual sales up by 50%, and by my second year, brought it up another 75%. After 6 1/2 years in the Mobile Scene, I decided to go back to my roots in the Club Scene, and had a weekly residency on Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday nights in Denver and Boulder for 2 ½ years. When I created Tip Top in 2004, I wanted to incorporate the best of everything I had experienced up to that point. I wanted diversity, creativity, and something unusually dynamic & personable. So, one show at a time, I looked to completely set standards way above anything previously done in the industry… all while keeping my rates honest and competitive. One thing that I felt was always missing… working with Youth and participating in Community Building. During this first year at Tip Top, I decided to create Turntables for Teens; a Youth Mentoring Program involving the art of DJ-ing, Breakdancing, Mural Creation, and Creative Writing. Having done Sound Design for Times Square New Year’s Eve in 2008 & 2009, and also for Lance Armstrong’s comeback race in Las Vegas, I remain most proud of the work I continue to do with Youth! Thanks for diligently reading this Bio! Feel free to contact me with any further questions or inquiries.

  • Ken

    Ken (a.k.a. DJ K-NEE) is a Grand Master of all things Music. He has a Weekly radio spot on F.M. 89, KUVO in Denver, is a 15 year resident D.J. at Club Round Midnight in Boulder, and also does Mobile Events. Ken has been a DJ for over 20 years, and is one of the only D.J.’s that I’ll personally go out and dance to. Simply put, D.J. K-NEE stays on the forefront of the music scene. Ken has all of the golden musical goodies that any enthusiast would beg to have. Perhaps this is because he has worked at Wax Trax Records… or because of his roots in Radio, but nonetheless, if it involves Music… Ken knows! Other than being a musical radar, K-NEE is great with reading the vibe of a crowd and directing the flow of an event. He is a careful listener. With a wise ear, he crafts a custom mix to benefit all those in the room. On and off the stage, he keeps a professional demeanor and a cool head. With announcements, he’s personable, and is able to direct party goers as to what’s going on. Ken is a team player, and understands how to bring out the greater good of the group. Other tidbits… Ken is a Dog Lover, a Dear Friend to many, and a Talented Photographer. He always offers a unique perspective to life, and sees beauty in all!

  • Travis

    Travis started DJ-ing in 2005. We've worked together since 2007 doing a variety of events, and taught DJ workshops every Summer at Streetside Studios in Boulder, Longmont Youth Center, and C.A.S.A. start in Commerce City. Travis' growth in the scene has steadily progressed where has "learned a number of ways in which to follow the energy of a party and, like a game of chess, to think three or four moves ahead of the curve" He understands the quintessential importance of being a professional DJ by saying, "it is vitally important to me that an evening is dynamic and has shape to it, because my goal as a DJ is to bring a sense of unity and completion to a celebration." As a Resident DJ at the Broomfield Event Center for the ice hockey games, he would routinely play to an audience of 5,000 fans. He's learned, "to strive for relevance in each song he selects, and to pay careful attention to what’s happening at any given moment to obtain those cues." What Travis has achieved personally and professionally in his love for music is simply staggering. Be it a live radio spot, night club DJ, a teacher of the art of "turntablism" or anything in-between, he's the ace that can drive any event to be a successful one.